Many companies subscribe to a variety of newsletters to get information on vulnerabilities that may hit the business, but it’s unmanageable, time-consuming and hard to find.
With SecuriOT Alert Service you will get specific information about the products and solutions you have chosen to invest in.
This service is based on a Web-portal you have access to. You can tailor the web-portal to your needs, so you get important information in relation to your ICS environment incl. recommendations and external links to “work arounds” and/or software updates.
SecuriOT uses search engines from a number of external and reliable sources, and this is the foundation of SecuriOT Alert Service, including ICS Cert, vulnerability databases, vendor-specific sites, and technical news media focused on production systems. The list is continuously expanded with new sources. Below you can see the search criteria SecuriOT offers in SecuriOT Alert Service:

Products and versions

Specify the products (eg. Siemens S7 1200) and the software version running on them.


The protocols (e.g. Profibus) are used in the company’s ICS network

End of Life/End of Support

Specify the products the company wants to receive information about “End of Life” / “End of Support”

Why buy SecuriOT Alert Service ?

  • Save time:  SecuriOT will do the job for your company

  • One single overview:  The most important vulnerability and critical information in your ICS-system are shown in one interface – without irrelevant information.

  • Access to ICS-expertise: Support function and recommendations from SecuriOT employees.

  • Better grounds for Risk management: The important information is accessible

  • Fast decision making: Information is easily accessible

  • Better planning capabilities:  Information about updates and End-of-life is important to plan changes in the environment

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