SecuriOT offers in collaboration with Defenica an advanced “Early Warning” system, which provides alarms about abnormal traffic in your production network.

A unit is installed in your ICS network. Through a “template”, the device will publish itself as a particular ICS unit, e.g. Siemens S7-1200 PLC. The device is passive on the network, but if the device is “asked” via a given network protocol, it would normally indicate that hackers or malware are active in your company’s production network.

The device will send an alarm with information about the event, after which an incident response process is activated. This service is offered in 2 versions, which are described below:

SecuriOT HoneyPot NET is a subscription service with a monthly payment. The price is based on the number of units, the number of “templates” and the duration of the contract (min. 24 months). Development of new templates is carried out after hourly payment and requires that Defenica has access to the unit to which a “template” is developed.

Developed “templates” and subsequent updates of these are basically included in the service, except if the manufacturer has made major changes to the new firmware. 1st level support is included in the service, but time spent on 2nd level support is on an hourly payment.

Why Buy SecuriOT HoneyPot NET?
  • A unique solution for “Early Warning” capabilities in your infrastructure.
  • Enhanced the possibility of minimizing the impact of an attack, as an event will be detected early.  
  • Improvement of your Risk Assessment.
  • Access to expertise with a thorough understanding of ICS environments.